Client: Channel Seven

Art Direction: Channel Seven Design

Resurrection premiered on Channel Seven in 2014. To publicise the arrival of the show and execute an advertising campaign, Channel Seven required some key art to be quickly created as there was currently none available for the Australian market. Channel Seven Design had supplied a rough mockup of what they would like. An iconic scene in the opening of the show is the mysterious appearance of the little boy Jacob in a Chinese rice field and this was the scene they wanted to be depicted. Using a source stock image for the background, along with the best shot of Jacob that could be sourced online, I set about constructing the scene of his magical and eerie return. With only a few hours up my sleeve I reconstructed the background, bringing in a new sky and added extra atmosphere. I deep etched Jacob and re-lit him to bring him into the scene as believably as possible while maintaining some artistic licence to keep the drama.
Despite the tight turnaround and limited resources, the client was very happy with the result. The artwork was used in numerous advertising executions and also went on to be the official retail packaging artwork for the DVD release in Australia.

Key art
Original assets
Press ad


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